The Dual Faces Of Valetta Entice And Enrapture Without Fail



No one will believe if you tell them Valetta is the capital of the small country of Malta. There is no sign of a bureaucratic presence in the city. It looks like a representation of an old city that has somehow recreated into the present. It is on the Central-east portion of the island country. The city is resplendent with the aura of an older time yet it is undeniable that it is a tourist haven. The beautiful views and the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage site make it a wonderland for you to visit. Look into the character of the city without being fooled by the facade.

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The city has many old buildings. They are historical with some of them dating back to the 16th century. The baroque style of architecture gets accentuated with the Neo-Classical, Mannerists and Modern architecture. For those who don’t get that they are beautiful buildings with a rich history soaked into the pores of the walls. There are many religious icons etched on the walls of the buildings and streets that showcase the deep religious sentiments that flow through the city even now. The city has changed little from its vintage periods.

Carve niches into memories

Beautiful churches with carved arches and flagstones bring back memories of the epic cultures that ruled the world centuries back. The palatial buildings are intact without letting lack of taste destroy something beautiful. The steps lining the streets move in front of the doors and the terraced homes, and the colorful walls with flowers on the window sills are a great way to travel back in time. The beautiful harbor area with an amazing view over the water will leave you wishing to return here every time the memories assail you. The remnants of the past get celebrated here.

Taste the celebration of duality

The other part of Malta is essentially blue-collar with more humble origins. Sailors and the workers of the docks populated the streets then. Until very recently, it was unsafe to travel alone. The roughness of the streets was sanded down with the emergence of a modern and educated generation. They are still rough around the edges but cloaked under the mantle of genial hospitality. Some of the rustic fare of these areas is mouthwatering, and people come here to sample the other flavors of the city. The Jazz festival here is one of the most popular gatherings of musicians when the whole city dances.

Time stands down here

It is no surprise that the city got the designation as the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2018. There are several bands that perform in the Jazz festival, and the Maltese Carnival is the best place to be when the country celebrates before starting the month of Lent in February. Each of the churches has their feasts that are celebrations of their right. Processions and celebrations happen in the honor of the different patron saints of the city. Valetta cannot reveal itself in a day or two. You will have to give it time to bloom in your mind so take a few days and explore the city before you try to visit the other cities near.

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