Conserve Energy And Travel Simply Like A Vagabond

Travel by bicycle

Travel by bicycle

If you are passionate about travelling and tasting the culture around the world like a nomad, you have to learn the art of travelling. You are not simply a tourist, but a traveler. In ancient terms, you are a nomad. Travelling to a place halting at a place that you like for as long as you want, and then going off somewhere else makes you a traveler. To be a successful traveler, you have to keep certain points in mind. You have to live simply to get the local flavor of the place. You do not need huge amount of bank balance to travel.

Think of a simple life

At the outset of the journey, do not think of a luxurious journey. Think of living simply wherever you travel. If the destination is a short distance, walk instead of taking a cab or take a bus. Save fuel and do not travel alone. If you are walking, you will remain fit and save fuel as well. However, carry enough water with you, so that you do not get sick on the way. While travelling, it is extremely important to keep fit. Eat light and drink lot of water.

Make a greener habit

While travelling, you can even hire a bicycle. Do not use plastic bags while travelling, and refill water in the bottle that you are carrying. If possible, carry a reusable paper bag or some other type of bag. Do not forget to switch off lights at night and when not required. Enjoy the local food, observe the local customs and participate in the festivities. Talk to the local people and sensitize yourself to the local culture. You will learn a lot of the local culture by talking to local people. If you have to travel long distance, take a train. Airplanes pollute the environment.

Stay at green accommodation

Do not stay at hotels while travelling. Instead look for housestays. Housestays will cost less, and you will also save money. Also, carbon emission will be less if you stay at houses of local people. You can connect more with the local people if you are staying at the house. Think of recycling while emptying trash. If you have to stay in a hotel, ensure that the hotel has a proper recyclable program. Do not travel outside the marked boundaries. If you are hiking, follow the marked trail.

Tips for remaining green

If you have to travel in a car, get a hybrid car for travelling. This will save on fuel. If you are staying at a hotel, stay in a green hotel that conforms to LEED certification. The hotel should source its electricity from solar power. You will connect a lot more with people if you live simply. Get a feel of the local culture, as your objective in travelling is to see new places and meet new people, new culture. Do not travel with a lot of things. Carry a light baggage, so that if required you can even walk down the path. Soak in the new environment in every possible way.

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