Not So Smart Travel Mistakes That Have Been Made

travel mistakes


travel mistakes

When people travel it is not uncommon for mistakes to happen.  This is especially true if you travel a lot.  Many people will learn from the mistakes he or she has made along the way but some people will need to make several mistakes before learning their lessons.  By reading below you will find several different mistakes that have been made while traveling the world and you will see how the mistakes have made the traveler a much smarter traveler.

 Being Scammed In Thailand

If you have ever traveled to Thailand it is possible that you have been scammed.  Although the possibility of being scammed in Thailand can also be because you are young and naïve but it could happen to anyone of any age.  A common scam that is aimed at people who are foreign to the country is to be approached by someone who might look like a government official.  If you have thrown any trash away and have missed the garbage can they will often pull you aside and accuse you of littering and then charge you a fine.  This is when knowing the local laws and being away of your surroundings will help you.  Rather than pay a fine or give the person who is pretending to be a government official personal property in payment by knowing the laws you will understand what happens and will know when you are being scammed.

 Do Not Exchange Money At The Airport

Many people who are traveling do not realize that the amount of fees that they are charged to exchange money while at the airport is ridiculous.  The best way to get local currency is to use your debit card to obtain cash from the ATM.  This will save you money in fees especially if your bank does not charge you any additional fees.  Either way you will find that the fees will be less than the exchange places at the airport.

 Do Not Pay Too Much For WiFi At The Hotel

When you are traveling you will probably want to have WiFi at your hotel.  Unfortunately many hotels do not include this in your stay and often times it can be very expensive.  There are some hotels that even charge up to twenty-five dollars a day to simply hop online and check your emails.  If this is the case where you are traveling you might be able to save money by simply checking your emails when you hit the local coffee shop in the morning.

 Traveling With Too Much Stuff

When you travel a common mistake that travelers often make is traveling with too much stuff.  This can also happen to the traveler who has plenty of traveling experience.  You will need to learn exactly what you need when you travel.  After you get the idea of what you need to pack you should be able to pack everything into one piece of luggage.  The worst thing you can do is to listen to the voice in your head saying “what if” I need this.  For the most part you will be able to purchase items that you do not pack that you find out you will need while you are traveling.

There are many more mistakes that can be made when it comes to traveling.  The mistakes that are listed above are the common ones that many people make especially if they are new to the traveling world.  The more you travel the more you will learn about what to do and what not to do while on your travels.

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