Some Of The Best Places To Travel To In February


Many people try to get some place warm and sunny when the cold dreary months of winter strike.  If you look there are many places to travel around the world that will lead you to fun and sun.  There are also some great celebrations to be found.  It does not matter if you are a person who likes to party or someone that would rather sit on a beach or even someone who likes to watch wildlife there is something to be found for everyone.  Here are several different examples of the fun to be found around the globe.

Trinidad And Tobago Carnival

If you are looking for parades, costumes, bright colors and plenty of island music to dance to you might want to consider visiting the Trinidad and Tobago carnival.  This is an annual carnival that is always held two days before Ash Wednesday.  This is a celebration like no others.  It starts at four o’clock in the morning on a Monday and will go non-stop for two entire days.  If you are a person who likes to party this is probably your kind of place to be.

Mardi Gras In New Orleans

The city of New Orleans began that celebration of Mardi Gras in the 1700s.  Many of the early celebrations were organized by the governor and were often in the form of formal balls.  In today’s society this is a celebration that involves elaborate floats that parade through town and many people in costumes that are purple, green and gold.  Many of the floats will throw strings of beads to the spectators.  Mardi Gras has received a reputation for being kind of rowdy and loud but in recent years families have been told that it is a family celebration but have been warned to stay out of the French Quarter after the parades.

Celebrate The Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

The Chinese New Year in Hong involves a large festival that many believe is the best in the entire world.  The subject of the floats is the animal in the Chinese zodiac signs for the upcoming year.  Many famous bands travel from all over the world to play their music during the opening of the night parade.  After the parade there are flower markets, fireworks and horse races that take up the days following.

Carnival In Venice

Another pre-Lent celebration is that of the carnival in Venice.  During this celebration many people wear elaborate masks that cover their identity.  The tradition of the masks started in the 12th century.  Many times the people hide behind the masks and conceal their identity when they have disruptive behavior.  At the end of the celebration a panel of judges picks one make that is the most beautiful.

Donsol Bay Whale Sharks

If you are an adventurous traveler you might be interested in visiting the Donsol Bay during the month of February.  This is when you can see the whale sharks migrating.  The tropical waters of the Donsol Bay in the Philippines’’ makes for the perfect habitat for them.  This species migrates through Donsol during the months of November and June but the peak month is February.

Serengeti National Park

During the month of February every year the wildebeest gather on the grassy plains of the South Serengeti with the intention of giving birth.  In about a three-week time span there are over 400,000 calves born.  Once the rains end the animals pick up and move northwest into Kenya’s Masai Mara.  This is known as “the great migration”.

There are many things across the entire world that you can do during the month of February that will keep you out of the cold and dreary weather.  The above examples are only a few there are many more that you can find.

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