Drive Through The Magical Land Of Slovenia And Get Wonderstruck

lake of slovenia

lake of slovenia

The tiny country of Slovenia is a marvel of creation. A part of the Balkan Peninsula, there are very few places on earth where it will give you such simple pleasures of life. The Republic of Slovenia has borders with some of the most enigmatic countries of Europe. Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary form the borders of the little country of just 7827 square miles of area. The capital Ljubljana is the largest city of the country. Driving through the pretty roads of the country will show you beautiful scenic views that are irreplaceable anywhere. In order to enjoy the real beauty of the country that is the only way.

Prepare for surprises

Hire yourself a vehicle and take off to the unknown. It is better to have a friend accompanying you on road trips so that you can take breaks easily. Even as you leave the city limits and begin traversing the highways of the country, Slovenia begins to surprise you. Great roads with picturesque villages on either side will leave you astounded. The great thing about the land is the essential friendliness of the people. Get around to the western part of the country as it has more attractions to entice you with historical towns and beautiful countryside.

Enjoy the history

Try to get to the town of Idrija. It is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites on account of the mercury mine that Slovenia shares with Spain. It has some interesting museums that tell the story of the toil that the miners here took to feed their families. The mine that was operational until 1986 still has parts where oxidized mercury is visible. Another main reason the town gets a place on the world map is the lace making industry here. Women weave intricate lace designs, and the town commemorates the industry by using the designs all over the town in different forms.

Castles and caves entice

Visit the caves of Skocjan to see some of the magnificent rock formations ever. They are impressive for those who like roughing it through the ruggedness. Get out and get the view of the whole town from the vantage point on the top of the mountain. Bled is another town known as the most beautiful location of the country. The castle across the river has access only through the row boats. You can hire one for yourself or get into a communal boat rowed by the ferrymen. The castle is beautiful and excellent to soak up the local beauty.

Soak in the maximum possible

There are several lakes and mountain villages that you should not miss. Ensure that you ask the locals for recommendations for the best place to eat. Try the zilkrofi without fail and also the different meat dishes that are traditional in these parts. You can take away some local liquors as souvenirs for friends and family back home. In addition to all of that, there are the memories that you make to last you a lifetime. Enjoy the experience and seek out the specialties of the tiny villages before you leave the beautiful country and return home.

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