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wifi connection

wifi connection

One of the most common questions that people ask when they are traveling is how to they stay connected to their family and friends at home.  The most common answer to this is by use of the Internet.  With that question comes the question of how to stay connected to the Internet if you are traveling especially when you are traveling out of the country and around the world.  There are many different ways to do this.  You will find several ideas by reading below.

Purchase A Local SIM Card

The first thing that you should do is when you get to your destination and even before you leave the airport of the country you are traveling in you should plan purchase a local SIM card.  This will only work in a cell phone device that is unlocked so if your phone is tied to a specific carrier you will need to have your phone unlocked so that the other SIM cards will work properly.  If you have done this as soon as you land at the airport you should find an ATM to withdrawal some local currency and then find a cell phone store where they will sell SIM cards.  The best SIM card to purchase will be a pre paid SIM card.  You can often find SIM cards that are not too expensive but will offer you a month of unlimited data, free local and international calls as well as unlimited text messages.  This plan should work on many of the different continents.  And if you are traveling to Asia or Africa you will find that the technology is much better.

Portable Hotspot Device

Another popular way to stay connected while traveling is through a portable hotspot.  This device is one of the newer devices in the way of technology.  It will allow for you to take the Internet with you wherever you travel to.  This is a perfect solution to the problem of not being able to have your cell phone unlocked.  What this hotspot does is works just like any wifi would work.  You will have a specific network for your device and will have a password to enter.  Once you turn on the device and enter your password you are good to go.  Once people use the hotspot they are usually hooked and it will become their preferred way to stay connected. These devices will work on your laptops as well as your cell phone.  Not only that but often times it will be the fastest and most reliable way to stay connected.

Global Hotspot And SIM for Life

If you are a world traveler and travel a lot you have the option of purchasing a global hotspot and SIM for life.  This will allow you to connect with your loved ones anytime or anywhere for a small monthly fee.  If you decide that you do not want to purchase this device it is also available to rent for while you are traveling.  If you have a limited amount of data that you can use per month on the device you can use the free wifi that is offered at many coffee shops, hotels and even at McDonalds.  This way you will save your time while on your hotspot.

There is no reason why you should pay thousands of dollars on telephone bills when you are traveling.  Often times the international charges that a phone carrier will charge are outrageous and will cost you much more than a hotspot will cost.  Between paying for a hotspot or an international SIM card and using the free wifi that is offered at many places you will find that you will stay connected and not spend a fortune.

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