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Colorado is a beautiful state to visit with plenty to do to keep you busy while traveling.  The state is split down the middle by the Rocky Mountains and you will find many national parks and wilderness areas to make this the perfect travel destinations for those who love to be outdoors.  You can enjoy anything from hiking to skiing to whitewater rafting and camping.  But this destination will also be the perfect place for those travelers who enjoy a more laidback vacation.



Breckenridge is located west of Denver and is a town that has much history.  It is a historic mining town with a small daily population of people who actually live there.  Of course during skiing season the number of people increases by about ten times the amount.  If skiing is your thing this is definitely the place that you want to be.  There are more than two thousand acres that can be skied with a new gondola on the north side of town that will take skiers to the summit that is at 13,000 feet high.  Because this is such a large historic area you will find that there are at least 250 buildings that have been entered into the National Historic Register.


Black Canyon Of The Gunnison

The Gunnison National Park is located in Southwestern Colorado.  There is a narrow gorge that gives this area the name.  This gorge is known as the Black Canyon.  This canyon was caused by erosion by the Gunnison River and took thousands of years to be created.  This is the perfect place to sightsee, as there are many scenic overlooks that can be found along the South Rim Road.  You can also find hiking trails that will be easy to navigate and will have signs along the trails that will tell you about the plants as well as the area.


This is a city that was built for the intention of building a ski resort.  This turned out to be the largest single mountain ski resort found in the United States.  But the winter ski season is not the only time to visit.  The village is also well visited during the summer months.  There are many nearby streams and lakes that are will stocked with fish which will make the fisherman happy as well.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Southern Colorado is also where you will find the Great Sand Dunes National Park and you will definitely not be disappointed.  These dunes are the tallest to be found in North America.  In this park you will also find many different activities such as sand boarding, skiing, and sledding.


If you are looking for more of a college town feel you will want to check out Boulder.  You will find this location just a few miles outside of Denver and to the northwest.  There are many walking and hiking trails that cut through the town and follow Boulder Creek.  If you are looking for a shopping mall you have stopped in the right place.  There is a four-block mall that is pedestrian friendly and offers plenty to do including outdoor performers that even perform when the weather is not the best.

If you are looking to travel to a place that will offer you plenty of activities both indoors and outdoors the state of Colorado is the place to visit.  The sightseeing is unbelievable and the activities that are offered can keep the most active person busy for days.  Choosing to travel to Colorado for a getaway vacation or even a vacation that will take you away with your family will definitely not disappoint you.

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