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The oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia, Savannah is famed as one of the most charming cities in the world. The small riverside city attracts millions of visitors every year. Antique structures, architectures of this small cute city attract the tourists from different part of the world. The city consists of 21 famous uniformly spaced squares. There are plenty of oak trees in the squares. Sometimes supernatural, eerie atmosphere are created by the dark shadows of the swaying oak trees that’s why Savannah is also informally known as a land of ghost.

Renowned squares of the city

Although many squares of the city now are in a dilapidated state, still most of the city ornaments are there to attract the tourists from various parts of the world. The antique squares prevail all across the historic city. The Squares creates a romantic environment all across the city. The oak trees have added new dimension to the beauty of Savannah. Each square has its own features. All the squares have their own historical background. Most of the restored buildings are more than 150 years old.

Most popular squares

Chatham Square has 15 identical townhouses featured by their iron work and unique doorways are located on Chatham square. The historic square, Calhoun Square has a number of shady trees that create a very leisurely atmosphere, and it will definitely force you to take a break from your work and sit for a while. This antique square, Columbia Square will offer you a space that is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It has got the name in the honor of US. Chippewa Square has acquired its name in honor of the American conquest in the war of Chippewa. The shooting of the famous movie “Bull & McDonough Streets” had taken place here.

Other squares you may drop in

Ellis Square has acquired the name in the honor of Ellis Square, the Second Governor. The old city market was placed here, where traders used to sell wares and crops in the past. The historic square, Crawford, located in the Eastern edge of the district has got a big basketball court. The Square, Greene has gained its name in honor of General Nathaniel Greene. Greene Square is famed as one of the most attractive squares in Savannah. Oglethorpe square has obtained its name in the honor of James Oglethorpe, who was the founder of Georgia. This square is famed as a beautiful picnic spot.

Factors that have made Savannah popular

The historical background, classic architecture, the overall scenic beauty of the small city has helped it to gain popularity among the tourists. The city has another name, “the forest city” since it has got a large population and varied species of oak trees scattered all over the city. Tourists have spotted the city as one of the best locations which have got the combination of both leisure and travel. Savannah is most attractive in the spring, when the azaleas reach their full blossom, covering the city in a blast of color.

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