Planning Your Wedding And Honeymoon In Cuba

wedding in Cuba

                   wedding in Cuba

For those of you who are planning a destination wedding and honeymoon and you have no clue where to travel to you might be interested in learning more about a wedding and honeymoon in Cuba. There are many weddings that occur in Cuba every year and it is continuing to grow in popularity as word is getting around about the beautiful scenery and the climate. Some say that it might be the prettiest and most beautiful island in existence today.

Overview Of Cuba

When doing your research on Cuba you will find that it is the largest island in the West Indies. The island itself offers more than three hundred natural beaches for you to enjoy as well as over two hundred bays. Many people consider the climate of Cuba to be that of a tropical climate. There are instances where the temperatures can become extremely warm and hot but the gentle breezes of the trade winds often cool the temperatures dramatically and it does not feel as hot as it seems.

When you are planning the wedding and honeymoon you will definitely want to know that there are two seasons that are clearly defined. The first of the seasons is the rainy season. You might not want to plan your festivities for the time between May and October unless you like the rain. You are liable to get plenty wet and no one wants that for their wedding day. From November to April Cuba is known to be in its dry season. Of course this is when it is warm as well.

Cuba will make a beautiful setting for a wedding due to the fact that is has some of the most beautiful natural landscape known to man. You will find a variety of plant life that will include royal palm trees, coconut palms, sugarcane and tropical fruit trees that are located throughout the entire island.

Honeymooning In Cuba

Once the wedding is complete and the guests have gone their own way you will find that Cuba has many different things to offer for a honeymoon. You can start by visiting the city of Havana. This is a city that is rich in history and will give you the opportunity to explore ancient architecture. When the day is over and your sight seeing activities are complete you will be able to experience the nightlife of Havana. The nightlife in the city of Havana is very lively and full of different types of activities from being able to drink cocktails that involve locally made run to dancing. If you like to salsa dance you can enjoy dancing with the locals. If you do not know how to salsa dance you are in luck because the friendly locals are always willing to teach you.

However if your idea of a honeymoon is more on the quiet and romantic side you can explore the different beaches and sites involved. This is also the perfect place to watch the sunset. The beautiful clouds and sun combined with the clear waters of the ocean make for a very dramatic scene.

When planning your wedding and your honeymoon this is probably not a trip that you will want to plan by yourself. It is recommended that you hire a travel agent who will know exactly where you will want to stay or at least be able to give you some suggestions on where to visit and what to see. Cuba makes for a beautiful backdrop for a wedding and the perfect romantic setting for the honeymoon of your dreams.

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