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Nicaragua officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in the Central American isthmus. It is rich with natural reserves, rain forests that are swarmed with biodiversity, colonial sites and rich biodiversity. There are endless opportunities of fun here. Only problem that the country suffers is that of an image problem. For decades, the place is associated with political turbulence that included dictatorship, revolution, foreign intervention and civil war. Now the place has emerged as a new hotspot for tourism defying its past images. The country has in store various wonders for people across the globe. The warm people, along with the picaresque beauty of the place will never disappoint you off your expectation.

Few must watch

You can stay in the lap of the nature, when in this country. There are many facets of the country that you can explore in this country. When in the country, there are few must watch:

  • A visit to Granada is a must, here you will be charmed by the architecture of the Spanish settlement of the country. The churches and buildings that reflect the Spanish styles are preserved beautifully and painted in various colors. When in the town, eat from the kiosk and dig into the local delicacies.
  • The beautiful and the most popular beach of the country is San Juan del Sur. This is the heaven of backpackers and the surfers. Surfing in the warm eaters can be real fun when in this country. You can also go and visit the second largest statue of Lord Jesus here, or you can also visit few of the cheap bars that you will find here.
  • Ometepe Island is another destination when in the country. The island is formed by the union of two volcanoes Maderas and Concepcion and is located adjacent to Lago de Nicaragua. Cycling, kayaking and hiking are the major attraction of this island. If you want to hike the mountains start early, or the scorching midday heat will slow you down.
  • If you want to lull your soul then, you cannot afford to miss few days at Corn Island. It has a charm that you cannot escape. It is located on the Caribbean coast and comprises of two islands, Little Corn and the Big Corn. Little Corn is a paradise for backpackers and has cheap inexpensive accommodation facilities. This is quieter of the two islands. Big Corn is developed and has expensive accommodations as you can find larger resorts and restaurants.
  • Another place of interest for the backpackers is Cerro Negro. This is an active and relatively young volcano where travelers can board down the slope of the mountains as a part of the tour packages. Just hike and reach the top in an hour then sit on a log and fly down the mountain side. Usually the tour initiates from Leon or in the afternoon.

When in Nicaragua you will not escape from the charm of old and new Leon. It is a dream destination for every nature lover because of its unique blend of mangrove forest, volcanos, Spanish colonies and sea beaches.

Image Credits: Adam Cohn

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