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The dream of travelling around the world is inspiring and thrilling. There are many that find satisfaction and meaning of life while they are on the road. There are many that have started travelling solo in order to explore the world. They are long time travelers. The concept and aspect of travelling for a long time sound enthralling. However, there are different downsides that will gradually set over the traveler. While starting the journey, one may think that there is nothing more to life than travelling. However, with long period spend on the road, this notion will slowly change. This article is about the problems and dilemmas faced by long time travelers.

Yearning for home

Meeting new people and learning new culture is indeed fun. However, when you are out for too long, you develop homesickness. There are many travelers that want to go back to their friends and family. They want to share their travel experience with the one they love and not with the strangers. The long time travelers often face the problem of loneliness. It is because each day they meet local people and fellow travelers for only short span. Forming of a new relationship every time you travel to a new place can emerge to be exhausting. Thus, many travelers take a shift from the wondering lifestyle to a more stable one.

The financial challenges

You need money while you are travelling. There are different ways through which you can earn low accommodation. You can also cook your food to save money. Moreover, you can work as a volunteer to travel. However, these aspects fascinate you until a certain age. As you age, the romantic notion of youth changes in a hardship of life. You no longer want to do the job to accumulate your travel money. The aspect of couchsurfing stops alluring you. After a certain age, you choose a qualitative travel rather than seeing more places. It is the truth of life for those that are traveling for too long.

The fatigue and tiredness

There are many travelers that are exhausted with the thought of boarding another plane or travelling in bus to continue their journey. They want to avoid those aspects and settle in one place. It is an aspect that slowly sets down in those that are travelling for a long time. Many don’t feel the urge to go out and explore places. They prefer to sit in their hotel room or sleep. The travelers say that it is not that their thirst for travelling is gone. It is only the effect of aging and unstable lifestyle. The expert travelers suggest that long term travelling should start at a young age. Moreover, as you age you need to slow down on your speed.

The aspect of career

After years of travel and getting indulged in writing the travel blogs, there comes a time when you want to settle down. You want to have a career where you do not have to worry about money. There are many long term travelers that have settled and now take a trip for a short period.

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