How to Travel the World Simply and Cheaply

Travel Cheaply

Travelling, it is a passion for some of us, something that entails new experiences and a great deal of fun and beautiful memories. Travelling is a very tedious activity that requires long hours of planning and budgeting. However, it can gets lost due to rise in prices of almost everything. The following article will tell you that you can travel cheaply the whole world

A Complete Guide of Travel Cheaply :

Now what if this article tells you that you can travel cheaply the whole world with little or no financial input at all?  The notion that travel has to be luxurious and hence expensive has been instilled in us by these travel companies who are hell bent upon selling the cruise trips to us. Media firms and hotel chains all they seem to focus on is making business out of the travelers, economizing the travel is the last thing on their mind. They sell traveling experience like they sell designer clothes. Just interested in the money, not the experience that you will take back. Now one might think that in  current times it is absolutely ridiculous to just go out without any money with agenda to travel cheaply.

What is the most important thing that you get when you travel? It has the freedom. Travelling pulls you out of the day to day mundane affairs and gives you something new and refreshing like a breath of fresh air. It adds excitement to a rather boring schedule; you get to discover people, food, locations and an altogether new side of yourself. So is it fair that these new experiences that clearly touch us on a personal level be pitted against money? New experiences are not bound by checks, and you can take a walk down the street in a new place and everything that you encounter will be new and beautiful without costing you a penny. It is not always about what kind of hotel you are staying in or how costly your travel package is, and you do not need it to witness the beauty of a sunset or to have a chat with some local people or try some random local cuisine only eventually to fall in love with it.

People wrapped in the delusion that to survive and enjoy life we have to continuously buy stuff, it is not true. To survive people need fresh air, good food, drinkable water and nice healthy environment. Most of these things are not very costly to get. You want fresh air, nice environment and change of scenery then go to meet friends, take a walk and visit new places. Basic amenities are manageable, and anyone can acquire them.

If you live New York or a city like it, it is understandable that taking out even two weeks for a vacation would be a herculean task for you but when travelling freedom is what should be a priority for you so think of it as if you have got plenty of time and it is time for you to let go and enjoy. When you travel slow you tend to spend less, an airplane ticket would cost you more than taking a ride through road wouldn’t it?

You can always go for people who allow travelers to stay at their place in exchange for a little bit help in the chores. Couch surfing can help you save a lot and make new friends.

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