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best beaches

best beachesEveryone has the great idea of hitting the beach after a long and cold winter.  This is especially true if you have spent the winter shoveling snow.  However, because there are so many traffic beaches around the world it might be difficult to find the one that you wish to travel to.  This article will highlight several different beaches from around the world to hopefully help you to decide which one will be on your vacation list as the best beaches destination.

Panama Beach, top of the best beaches

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil there is a popular beach as well as one of the best beaches known as Pane ma Beach.  This is the beach that gave the Brazilian wax its name.  The locals have become sexy and like to show off their bodies to the public.  This is your chance to have a beach party and enjoy the sights from behind your sunglasses.  The added bonus of traveling to Panama Beach is the addition of vendors along the selling the different types of local items but another added bonus is that there are now waterfront gyms where you can exercise before taking your lazy stroll along the beach.

Anse Source d’Argent

When discussing the best beaches, one name that always comes up is the most photographed beach in the world is located In La Digue, the Republic of Seychelles.  What makes this beach the perfect place to be photographed is the towering cliffs and the uncommon pink sand.  This area is known for its Veuve Nature Reserve. It is now the only place on earth where the black paradise flycatcher bird is located.  There are only about one hundred of these birds left in the world.

Hidden Beach

The Marietta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offers the beautiful Hidden Beach.  Contrary to its name this beach is not hidden.  It is rumored to have gotten its name. According to sources, The Mexican military tested bombs by detonating them on this site during the early 1900s.  Getting to this beach location is a treat in itself.  This is an underground beach and you also have to pass through a water tunnel to get there.  This is definitely a well-kept secret.

Plage de St. Jean

You might think that the Caribbean offers many beautiful best beaches to travel to but on of the most popular one is Plage de St. Jean located in St. Barths, French Caribbean.  You might have seen this beach advertised as being right near the airport.  The fact is that the world’s shortest landing strip ends at the beach.  This makes the beach in danger of planes crashing into the beach, which has happened.  If you like to celebrity watch this is also the place for it.  This beach has become a well-known playground for celebrities to be spotted sipping martinis.

7 Mile Beach

The beach that has epic cliffs and is one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the world is located in Negril, Jamaica. It goes by the name of 7 Mile Beach.  A funny fact about this beach is that it might be called a 7-mile beach. Where in reality, it is only six miles long. Not only is this beach beautiful but it comes with the bonus of having a Margaritaville right on the beach as well as one of the best beach bars in the world located on one of the cliffs.  This bar is called Rick’s Café.

There are so many beautiful beaches located in the world that it is impossible to put them all into one article.  However, you can search on the Internet and decide which beach would best search your idea of a relaxing and stress-free vacation.

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