Tips To Surviving A Family Road Trip

family road trip

family road trip

If you have been told that family road trips are easy who ever told you that probably told you a fib.  Most often they can be stressful from the beginning when your children start to ask if you are there yet or your youngest is trying to get her or him out of the car seat and you have only been on the road for a few minutes.  However if you are go into the road trip prepared you will find that this type of practical travel can be cost effective and help you to build life long memories.

Plan The Trip As A Family

When it comes time to plan your trip you should sit down with all members of the family and talk about it.  This is the best way to get the kids excited and interested about what is going to happen on the trip.  You should include items such as how long you will be gone, where you are going, what you want to do on the trip and when you are leaving.  Travel brochures and magazines can help make this more interesting for the little ones in the family.

Do Not Pack Everything

No one likes to pack for a trip especially when you are packing for a family.  You should remember to pack light and smart.  Important items to pack should include comfortable clothing and shoes, swim wear, extra clothes for the children to keep in the car and anything else that is important like medication.  A good idea is to know what the weather is supposed to be like when you get to your destination and what activities are available.  This will help you to decide what clothes to pack.

Food And Drinks

Just like an adult when a child gets hungry he or she will also get cranky.  You should plan on packing plenty of snacks and beverages for your car ride.  Of course you should keep things healthy and avoid the sugary snacks.  No one wants a child full of sugar bouncing around the backseat of the car for several hours.


Along with hunger and thirst comes boredom.  You should be prepared to have things for your children to do to keep them from getting bored.  Examples of things to keep them busy and entertained are a DVD player with movies they will enjoy, color books and even apps on your smartphone that will keep them entertained.  Not only will they be happier during the trip but also so will you.

Make Stops Often

When you put several people in the same car for a long period of time you are all bound to get on each other’s nerves.  However if you make several stops along the way you will find that it will make the trip much easier.  You can stop at playgrounds, picnic spots or even shopping malls to help walk off some of the bottled up energy.  Of course this will cost you time so be sure to plan extra time to make your stops.

Go To Less Places And Spend More Time

The number one rule to a road trip is to not try to go everywhere and do everything.  A good plan is to slow down and remember that you are spending time with your family and building memories.  Therefore you should plan to do fewer things and spend more time doing those things.

Now that you have your family trip planned you should hit the road and enjoy yourself.  This is time with your family that you will never get back so you should make the most of it.

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