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If you have never been to Salzburg, Austria you have no idea what you are missing.  From the food you will consume to the beautiful sights that you will see you will not be disappointed.  There are many things to do and to see while in Salzburg and you will not want to miss any of them.  In this article you will find everything that you need to know about where to go and what to see in Salzburg, Austria.

Starting Your Day In Salzburg

Most people in Salzburg, visitors and locals, will probably start their days by enjoying a delicious breakfast at one of the coffeehouses throughout Salzburg.  You can choose from a cozy and picturesque coffeehouse to one that is more trendy or classic.  It does not matter which one you select you will not be disappointed.

Once your stomach is full and you have had your share of coffee to get you going in the morning you can spend the rest of the morning and into the afternoon shopping and enjoying the sights.  If you travel to Getreidegasse you will find a wide selection of shops and you can spend much of the rest of the morning shopping through the shops.

After you have had your fill of shopping you can enjoy the sights of the two City Mountains.  These are known as Monchsberg and Kapuzinerberg.  You will find that each of these mountains will have a different experience to offer you.  When visiting the Monchsberg you will have a peaceful and tranquil visit with nature.  The Kapuzinergberg will offer you a completely different experience.  You can visit the Museum of Modern Art, the m32 Restaurant and Hohensalzburg Fortress. It does not matter which of the mountain sights that you choose to visit.  You will not be disappointed in either of them.

Do Not Miss The Major Attractions

When you are walking through the city there will be some major attractions that you will not want to miss.  These are the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, St. Peter’s Monastery, and the Church and Cemetery.  In Gerreidegasse you will not want to miss Mozart’s birthplace.  You can tour the residence and the staterooms.  You can also visit the Mirabell Gardens on the other side of Salzach River.  Here you will be in awe over the Pegasus Fountain, Dwarves Garden, Hedge Theater and the Rose Garden.

Make Memories Into The Evening

The city of Salzburg holds over four thousand cultural events per year.  This will give you plenty of things to do when visiting the city.  You will never be bored.  There is plenty to do and see even if you are the type of person who prefers the theater, or a concert at the Fortress or even a reading by an author.  You will always find a program that fits your tastes.  However if you would rather wander around the city instead of sitting in one location you can enjoy wine from the many wine bars, or a snack at the sausage stands that seem to be on every corner.  Once this has been done you can even take a romantic walk through the Old City to top off the evening.

The city of Salzburg leaves people and all different personality types happy and relaxes while visiting.  There is always something to do and you will never find yourself bored when you are visiting.  One final tip is to get the Sazburg Card.  This is basically the key to the city.  It is available at all of the hotels as well as the information offices and ticket offices.  However it is recommended that you check into this card when you are planning your trip.

Image via Flickr by Tim A. Bruening

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