Jet Set For An Adrenaline Pumping Experience With Dangerous Places

dangerous place

dangerous place

All of us crave for adventure. While the craving is dormant in some, it is active in case of others. Some of us crave for more adventure and love the idea of living in thrill. If you love to ride dangerous roller coasters and love getting spooky feelings, then you should visit some of the world’s most dangerous places. If you are different from the rest of the crowd and love living in constant fear of your life, then you have to visit some of the world’s dangerous places. You have to fear for your life in these places.

Poverty struck Sudan

Sudan is among the countries that have scored poorly in the SPI’s safety index. Sudan is a very poor place, where the average daily wage is estimated to be as low as $ 1.25. Slavery and internal problems mark the country’s state. It is quite an unsafe place for the tourists, as they can often be innocent victims in the strife. The Government is equally blameworthy for the situation, as they have spread terror among the innocents. The military are killing innocent women and children, robbing people and in some cases even raping women.

Other dangerous places

Mexico also falls under the category of a dangerous place. Though, the country attracts many tourists, who come here for the pretty landscape and visit historical places, the country is unsafe. The country is ruled by drug barons who have regular squabble leaving many people dead in the strife. Honduras in Latin America is quite dangerous. The poverty-stricken people often resort to carjacking, kidnapping and other tortures to extort money from the well-off tourists. The police here often turn a blind eye to the help calls. Therefore, if you do visit the area, do not wander off to a deserted area alone.

Places that can turn into nightmares

The beautiful place of Dominican Republic is full of illegal transactions. Therefore, the tourists who are wandering into the deep blue beauty of the sea can suddenly find themselves embroiled in cocaine transactions. You can be trapped into some illegal transaction unknowingly as the economy here is mainly based on drugs and illegal weapons. Chad in South Africa, South Africa, Central American Republic, Venezuela and Iraq are some other dangerous places to visit. The political tensions in Iraq have made it unsafe. Most recently, Ukraine has joined the list with the political tension and the bombing of an aircraft in the region.

Some handy tips

If you are visiting these places as a tourist, stick to the tourist places and always be with the crowd. Do not wander off alone anywhere. Keep the contact number of the local authorities and your country embassy handy in case you are in trouble. Do not carry heavy cash or wear flashy jewellery. Dress simply and avoid attracting attention to yourself. If you are travelling to an unknown area, take an armed guard with you. Always be alert and scan your surrounding area. If you are travelling for work, you can call in your embassy for life protection.

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