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Budapest is a vivacious and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you are a lover of antique architecture, magnificent heritage sites, a royal palace, church, catholic art and buildings, Budapest will be the ideal destination for you. Travellers who love travelling all alone must visit Budapest. In Hungary, Budapest the solo traveller can have an uninterrupted, smooth sailing experience during the entire journey. You will feel very comfortable while visiting the places alone. The citizens you will find around, very helpful, friendly, and courteous that will surely make you feel relaxed.

The best place to visit

You will surely enjoy ‘Free walking’ across the city since the beautiful and vibrant city is not only charming but also it ensures your safety. The tour guide will give you direction about the prime locations to visit along with the details about the sites. The variety and beauty of the city located on the banks of the river, Danube, will satisfy all your appetite of visiting an elegant place. English is widely spoken here which will make you feel comfort. While visiting restaurants all alone, you will never feel weird because the city is safe everywhere. Even you will find the culture of the city very flexible though it differs from North America or Western Europe.

Places to enjoy in Budapest

The world heritage, ‘Andrassy ut’ must be strolled along once. Here you will get to see the Hungarian Opera House along with the wonderful Alexandra book store. You can know the History of Hungary detailed in the impressive Millennium monument at Heroes’ square. Here, you will be able to visit several museums and parks. It is one of the ‘must’ factor; you should observe the city at night. The city ensures your safety during night also if you want to walk towards the city Centre after dark. The lit up Matayas church, the royal palace, chain bridge at night will mesmerize you for sure.

Food comfort here

If you are a foodie, you can taste lots of delicious dishes here. Budapest is famed as the food capital from the late 19th Century. You can also taste the world’s most renowned wines in Budapest. Lots of restaurants are there to offer you delicious dishes at the cheapest rate. The variety of foods you will definitely enjoy in the Hungarian restaurants. In the Central market hall, you can enjoy sausages and potatoes on a paper plate getting it from small stalls. You can get delightful, inexpensive dishes from Cafe Vian in Lizst Ferenc Ter; Kiskakukk Etterem on Pozsonyi ut (street).

Public transport system

The overall public transport system across the city is brilliant. There are trams, buses and three metro lines. You can purchase 72-hour or 24-hour or travel cards that are effective for all public conveyance in the city. You can look out for the public ferry if you want to experience a fancy river trip. The metro service is very good in Hungary. But the trolley bus and bus service is quite costly here. You can avail boat service on the Danube but the service is available for a limited period of time in a year.

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