Blood Donation Before Traveling Is A Must

Blood Donation

Many people do not understand the importance of blood donation. Many will refuse to donate simply because he or she is scared of needles. Others may be getting ready to travel and think that the time it takes to go donate blood. However what is not realized is that the shortage of blood donations is at a critical low and the more blood donations received the better everyone will   be in the case of an illness or an accident.

The Importance of Blood Donation :

Why Donate Blood Before Traveling

When it comes to summer everyone is wrapped up in themselves and what is going on in his or her life. The summer vacation time is a very concerning time for blood donations. The amount of blood that has been stockpiled is decreasing rapidly. This is because the months of July and August are heavy travel months and there are few people that typically donate during this busy time of the month for them.

Another concerning reason of the summer blood donation slump is that during the Holy Month the Muslims are not able to donate. This causes fear with the blood donation centers due to the fact that the Muslims cannot donate due to fasting. This could make them sick.

Who Can Donate

Unless you are in the state of Minnesota anyone over the age of seventeen can donate blood. In Minnesota you are able to donate at the age of sixteen with a parent or guardian’s approval. You must also have a clean bill of health in order to donate and will be required to complete a questionnaire upon your arrive to your appointment. The donation facility needs to be sure that your blood is safe for donations.

How Long Does It Take

If you are getting ready to travel the last thing you want to do is to sit around waiting for something to happen. No one has extra time to waste. You will be happy to know that donating blood will only take forty-five minutes to an hour of your time.

How Often Can I Donate Blood

A common question that is always asked is how often blood can be donated. The most common amount of wait time for donating blood is eighty-four days between donations. Depending on what type of donation you are giving it could be a long or shorter wait time.

What If I Have Been Sick

In order to donate blood you must be completely well on the day of the blood donation. Therefore if you have any symptoms of a cold, flu or fever you should probably skip the donation of blood this time.

Travel Outside Of The Country

Travels to most companies will not prevent you from donating blood. However there are some countries where the diseases that could be found such as malaria might keep you from donating for up to a year after your return. When in doubt regarding your eligibility you should speak with a blood donation representative.

What To Do Before Donating Blood

When you are preparing yourself to go donate blood the most important thing you will need to do is to eat a good meal and of course drink plenty of fluids. It is best to drink water and not beverages such as soda.

When you are traveling it is often easy to forget important things such as donating blood. However it is one of the most important things to remember. Medics are urging people to donate before their travels to help with the decrease in blood supply. If you were in need of blood you would want people to donate so you need to get out there and donate as well.

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