Lose Yourself In The Amazing Beauty Of Costa Rica

national park in costa rica

national park in costa rica

If you have wanted to visit exotic places of natural beauty, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you this summer. Costa Rica is a god-gifted country where nature’s bounty is in full display. Therefore, if you are an adventure lover, setting off frequently in pursuit of visiting nature, you have to visit Costa Rica in one of your expeditions. The country is in Central America and has Caribbean Sea in the East and Pacific Ocean in the West. Costa Rica is one of the topmost countries of Latin America. Costa Rica has a high human development index.

Places of Interest

The pristine white sand beaches seem like heaven in the country. Soak in the beauty of virgin beaches in Costa Rica and live an idyllic life. Costa Rica is a natural paradise. You can explore unchartered territories at Costa Rica. The country is amazingly small. You can travel the length and breadth of the country in around three hours. Besides the beaches, you will get to see a lot of flora and fauna in the region. The country is home to almost 5% of world’s biodiversity. Therefore, there is a high chance of spotting your favorite animals, or even some rare species of animals.

National Parks of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has renowned virgin forests. Forests cover one-fourth of the country. Costa Rica has managed to halt the deforestation process to a large extent. Corcovado National Park is an internationally renowned national park in the country. The national park is home to a large number of animals including the spider monkey, Central American squirrel. Tortuguero National Park is another natural reserve. It has over 840 types of birds. Some of the birds found here are bellbird, loggerhead turtles and many other species. This national park is the resting place of an endangered turtle.

Adventurous activities of Costa Rica

You can be at your wildest best in Costa Rica, as there are many adventurous activities that you can undertake. Some of the activities you can explore are kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, sport fishing. Hot air ballooning, fishing, horse riding are some more of adventure If you want to enjoy the natural terrains, you can go biking. If you have a wild streak in you, give in to your passion and pump up your adrenaline. However, you must take necessary precautions while on a wild trip.

Weather and culture of Costa Rica

Costa Rica enjoys tropical weather throughout the year. It is very close to the equator, so it is extremely hot in the summer. However, there are many microclimates, depending on the region. The weather of the region has a dry season and the rainy season. In the rainy season, it constantly pours. Costa Rica has high humidity percentage. The country is a melting pot of many cultures some of them are Mesoamerican and South American. The Costa Rican cuisine thus is a blend of many cultures. The older group enjoys the dance moves. Guitar is quite popular in this region. However, marimba is the national music instrument.

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