How To Survive The Airport Security Check During The Winter


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When people travel especially when traveling through an airport most will have the same complaint and that is going through the hassle of the airport security check.  This is especially true if you are traveling in the winter.  The good news is that there are many good tips that can leave you thinking that going through airport security is a breeze.  Read on to learn more.

 Before Heading To The Airport

If you live in a place where you might hit some snowy weather you might have a challenge on your hands just to get to the airport.  Keep this in mind when you are loading your items and your family into the vehicle to leave for the airport.  You should arrive at the airport so that you will have plenty of time to get checked in and go through the security screening.  Remember that with all of the terrorism warnings that the security is much more strict in today’s world.  If you are heading to a major airport you can check the websites to see what the wait time is for the security screenings.

If you have a carry on bag you should be sure to put all of your liquids, aerosols and gels that are over the approved size into your checked bag.  The airlines will only allow for a certain size to be carried on the plane and even then they are required to be contained in a resealable plastic bag.  This will save you plenty of time in the security waiting area.

Dress Simple

The clothes that you wear in the security line can also add time to your waiting.  Even though you will be bundled up for the winter weather you need to remember to take off your coat as well as the coats of your children to put in the bin to go through the screening.  This will also be recommended for any boots that may have a large buckle on them.  Taking your shoes off of yourself and off of your children will also take time so this is another reason why you should get to the airport in plenty of time.  Redressing your children will also take time.  Remember that the simpler you dress you will find that it takes less time to get through the tough security located at most if not all of the airports.

Taking The Kids With You

If you are traveling with your children and you get to the security checkpoints you might be able to find a line that is family friendly.  Most of these will have extra space that will make it easier to go through with larger items such as strollers.  There will also be extra security agents to help move the process along quicker.

Remember to pack the snacks for your children.  You can pack solid foods such as fruit and even chocolate in your carry on bag and if you are traveling with a child less than two years old you can bring liquids such as formula, milk, water, juice, baby food and others items that are needed for the baby in your carry on.

Traveling With Gifts

When you are traveling especially during the holidays you will probably have gifts.  The unfortunate part of this is that the gifts need to remain unwrapped.  If you have them wrapped the security officers will probably unwrap them for you.  If you do wrap them before you leave home you should pack them into your checked baggage.

Traveling during the winter months and going through an airport can cause unwanted and un-needed stress.  However if you follow the tips above you can find that your travels will be made much easier and security will be a breeze.

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