Soak In The British Culture With 8 Must-Visit Spots While In Cambridge, UK



Cambridge in UK is most reputed for its universities and colleges. It gives an impeccable insight in the British culture and its age-old traditions which are still alive and preserved in this place. You may consider visiting with your kids to inspire them to get a coveted educational degree from here or with your significant other. The city has some of the most wonderful buildings that are renowned colleges and universities.

Make the most of Cambridge

An ideal way for sight-seeing is to hire a chauffeur for a driver who will be passionately telling you all about the impressive places of Cambridge.  Some of the must-visit places are.

  • Brace yourself for a tour of Cambridge’s 31 Colleges that span about seven hundred years. Each College follows certain rules of allowing the public for a tour of the place; however, most of them are more than happy to show-around. Going by the sheer size of the College may not be an ideal option as many of the small Colleges have glorious histories to tell. The brilliant architectural splendour is sure to leave you spellbound.
  • The Cambridge Botanical Gardens is in the heart of the city and spread across forty acres of gardens. Built in 1846 and still retains is Victorian majesty. There is a Garden Café, and one can sample fresh and delectable food. One can also reserve the Gilmor Table for a breath-taking view and a choicest of menu.
  • For a niche, dining experience with elegance and class you must visit the Michelin-star Alimentum. The dishes are not only delectable but very sophisticatedly served in ruby red ambience and grand ambiance. The menu is dynamic and keeps changing for exciting new offers.
  • One may put up at the Cambridge City hotel for some ultimate British Luxury. The rooms are done up in very extremely sophisticated styles and the staffs and food are sure to impress you. Its location being central is an added advantage.
  • Visit the Cotto and enjoy the most innovative and delicious European dishes. The executive chef has been to the most exclusive restaurants of the world and lent his vast exposure and culinary expertise to this place. One can enjoy aesthetically created contemporary dishes and the richest of the European wines.
  • You can head to the ADC Theatre, which is the cultural hub of Cambridge. World’s best talents have come together here, and many celebrity actors have been associated with its stage. It is Footlights the dramatic club’s centre and one can experience the best talents of actors, producers and even students with their written plays.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city at The Varsity Hotel’s Roof Terrace. It is one the best and most well-located place to stay while in Cambridge. In a proximity to most colleges of Cambridge, the gym and spa are added attractions. The hotel boasts an impeccable service with an eye for the finer details and one can soak the British charm in here.
  • An amazing location for all artistic wonder the Fitzwilliam Museum is a Neo-classical  palace of splendour and grandeur. One can view the works like paintings, music, manuscripts and autographs of renowned people and age.

These destinations will satiate your yearning to have a glimpse of the British culture at its best.

Image Credits to : Alex Brown

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